We feel that The Pursuit of History is more important now than ever.

Lee was in the back of an Uber coming from the airport when we decided that we were going to have to postpone History Camp Boston.

It was March 10, and we hated the thought of postponing, but based on what we were hearing from Suffolk, we felt we had no other choice.

Within days sports leagues announced that they were canceling their seasons and soon everything changed. Travel ground to a halt. Many jobs moved to at-home spaces. And many companies, museums and historic sites closed, uncertain about when they would re-open.

For our part, we wanted to connect with our history community and wanted to provide a way for our community to have a little History Camp at home so in April we started History Camp Online – live stream interviews every other week.

They have been very popular so we have started holding them every week.

To date we’ve talked to:

  • J.L. Bell – Lexington and Concord
  • Alexander Cain – Lexington in the first year of the American Revolution
  • Eric Jay Dolin – The history of whaling in America
  • Karen A. Chase – The Declaration of Independence
  • Sam Forman – Smallpox and epidemics in Colonial America

And we have some great interviews coming up:

  • Stephen F. Knott – The American presidency
  • Don Cygan – The battle for Bastogne during WWII
  • Lorna Hainesworth – National Historic Road
  • Ted Widmer – Abraham Lincoln’s journey to Washington
  • Lindsey Chervinsky – The creation of the President’s Cabinet
  • Peter Stark – Young George Washington
  • Serena Zabin – Boston Massacre
  • Robert Forrant – The 1912 Bread and Roses strike
  • Jim Christ – The Battle of Paoli

If you haven’t tuned in yet, we hope you will. They are free and they take place every Thursday at 8pm (Eastern) on our main Facebook page. The following day they are posted on our website for viewing at any time.

You can join us on Thursday nights at https://www.facebook.com/HistoryCampOfficial/.

You can see the list of upcoming live streams, and view the archived interviews, at HistoryCamp.org/Online.