2020 – 2021 Major Supporters

Samuel A. Forman

Lori Rogers-Stokes

Dr. Michael Shire

James and Edith Spain Foundation

Lorna Hainesworth

Kate Shuster

In Honor and In Memoriam

Given by Amy in honor of Jules

Given by Randy Villines in honor of the History Dame

Given by Marc Kristel in honor of Isabelle Kristel

Given by Felicia Duncan in remembrance of Charles Vernon Duncan

Given by Brian Moran in honor of Mrs. Grace Virginia Moran

Given by Lorna Hainesworth in remembrance of Chas Langelan

Given by Patricia Perreault in remembrance of Philippe Henri Perreault

Given by Jean Sowers in honor of Janell Nicole Cinquini

Given by Karen Burke in honor of Edna E. Turkington

Founding Members

David Achenbach
Natalie Adams
Heather Alger
Robert Allison
Paula Bagger
Stephanie Baker
Erik Bauer
J.L. Bell
Nicole Benjamin-Ma
Susan Berzac
Caroline Bigelow
Charles Brett
Norman Brown
Ceilidh Burdick
Karen Burke
Elizabeth Cahill
Sandra Campbell
Martha Caron
Larisa Chancellor
Abby Chandler
Stuart Christie
Jennifer Clifford
Harvey Cohen
CJ Cullinan
Janet Cummings
Clara Custy
David Dalrymple
Rose A Doherty
Stephen Donnelly
Joanne Duran
Sara Eglitis
Samuel A. Forman
Cathy Freedberg
Daniel W Gagnon
Susan Goganian
Lee Katherine Goldstein
Don Hagist
Lorna Hainesworth
Beverly Hector-Smith
Cynthia Hemenway
Marjorie Hilton
Mitch Hilton
Linda Hixon
Richard Howe
Shannon Ison
Diana Jeffrey
Kyle Jenks
Leesa Payton Jones
Fredie Kay
Cynthia Kelly
Joyce Kelly
Christopher Klein
Stephen Knott
Robert Koger
Jonathan Lane
David Lavery
Joyce Lipton
Pamela Lorimer
Laura Lowell
Carrie and David Lund
Sarah Malerich
Michael Manning
Kevin Mannix
Carolyn Mathews
Diane Mayr
Marianna McCormick
Matthew and Elizabeth Mees
Christine Messer
Julie Michutka
Gary and Holly Moore
Rachael Murphy
Catie Murphy
Scott Nadler
Bruce Nash
Liz Nelson Weaver
Claudette Newhall
Michelle D. Novak
Ted Novakowski
Lynne A. O’Connell
Edward O’Donnell
Nick Ota-Wang
Eric Peterson
Beverly Pierce
Michael Potaski
Carol Powers
Stan Prager
Lori Lyn Price
Joan Quigley
R. Lynn Rardin
Stephanie Recore
Melissa Robb
Lori Rogers-Stokes
Douglas J Rowe
Renee Rubin
Denise Rucks
Dyanne Russell
Barb Schrader
Jacob Sconyers
Kenneth Scott
Eric Sebastian
Dr. Michael Shire
Sandy Spector
Charles Stahley
Helene Stahley
Michele Steinberg
Nikki Stewart
Larry Stuart
Joan Swirsky
Dave Tamanini
Earl Taylor
Barbara Tibbetts
Nancy Trout
Bernard Trubowitz
Stanley Walker
Timothy Walsh
Christine Weber
Susan Weeks
Deborah Jackson Weiss
Joseph Weisse
Alan Wild
Katherine Wolfe
Lee Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wright

Thank you to all of the individuals above who contributed to the organization at its founding.