The Pursuit of History™ is the non-profit organization that engages adults in conversation about history and connects them with historic sites in their communities and across the country through unique annual events, including History Camp Boston (started in 2014), History Camp Colorado (2016), History Camp Virginia (2019) and more, that draw thousands of people from all walks of life.

We believe that more people gaining a broader understanding of history has never been more important. This year we’re adding History Camp Virginia. Next year we will add another city, and expand what we’re doing online to reach more people and to raise awareness of local historic sites and history organizations.

Please join us.

Contact us about how you can be involved as an underwriter. (We receive no government funding of any kind.) And if you’re interested in attending or presenting, you’ll find details about upcoming History Camps at


Lee Wright >

Founder and President

Carrie Lund >

Founder and Executive Director