Rebellion in New England

Liberty triumphant; or the downfall of oppression, ca. 1774, by Henry Dawkins (-1786?), engraver. Library of Congress,

The Pursuit of History: Rebellion in New England is for people who are passionate about our nation’s past and want to explore history where it happened.

If you are a life-long student of history, this weekend will be like no other you’ve experienced.

We created The Pursuit of History: Rebellion in New England after receiving such great feedback from the people who enjoyed our one-day event at Valley Forge in 2023. This weekend will provide a deep understanding of the issues and challenges that led to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War—just as we prepare to commemorate America’s 250th birthday.

We will meet on May 10–11, 2024, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a key location in the conflicts that led to our nation’s war for independence.

Gathering in Washington’s headquarters in the historic neighborhood now called “Tory Row,” we will hear from noted authors and researchers on this crucial period. We will tour the sites of the 1774 “Powder Alarm” that presaged the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and visit the archives of Harvard University and go behind the scenes to see documents from this crucial year. We will consider the struggle for freedom in all its forms: political liberty for the restless colonies, individual liberty for embattled Loyalists, religious liberty for people of various faiths, and physical liberty for enslaved people.

You will be part of a small group of individuals devoted to learning about history. Attendance is strictly limited to 30 people. Like you, your fellow attendees will know the basics and be hungry for the details, the context, the complexities, and the individual stories. Some of these speakers will join us for the whole day to continue the discussion and get to know you.

And to make a full weekend of it, join us on Sunday, May 13, for a docent-led tour of the Early American Gallery at the world-renowned Museum of Fine Arts. The tour has been designed for our group and one of the highlights will be viewing the stunning Copley portraits of some of the figures we will talk about on Friday andSaturday.

What is a “The Pursuit of History Weekend”?

This is the second of a series of small group experiences we are planning for dedicated history lovers that will be held in historic cities across the country. Taking place once or twice a year and lasting from one to three days, these cover events that took place in that city and region and examine how they shaped our nation and our people.

We are planning a Pursuit of History Weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this fall.

The Pursuit of History: Rebellion in New England is the first in an annual series. We’ll be back in Cambridge next year for events that took place in 1775, and the following year for what was going on in Boston and the region in the year Independence was declared.

We look forward to seeing you this May!

Lee Wright

Founder and President

Susan Bennett

Executive Director

J. L. Bell

Program Director and Founding Board Member